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Game Ready. Life Ready. Basketball (Preschool-Grade 1)

When: January 11
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Basketball is a fun sport to play because it has relatively few rules, you can play it year round – both indoors and out – and it’s equally fun to play or practice individually or with a team. Early exposure to basketball will help improve player’s hand-eye coordination and develop their understanding of both offensive and defensive roles. This program is one of the few available that is equipped to teach young people through age appropriate practice sessions and shorter hoops designed for this age group.

Each basketball session will develop the individual skills of all players including their dribbling skills and ball handling abilities, passing and team play, shooting technique, and overall game understanding. Each session will progress from individual play to a final game. Each player will receive a reversible basketball jersey and participation award. We will have an end of the season Jamboree where players will be placed on teams and play a series of games.


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