Wilderness Wisdom – Teaching Sessions and Study Guides

In this 4-week series led by Pastor Jonna Fantz and Outreach Director Shelli Streeper, we will be looking at stories from the wilderness, a key lesson from that story, and a spiritual practice that could help us reap the benefits of the wilderness we find ourselves in. Teaching sessions can be found on Salem’s YouTube channel – Teaching and Learning Playlist.

Exodus – study guide
The Israelites might have understood their journey through the wilderness as moving to the promised land, but really they were moving toward God. Join us to explore how we can move toward God in our own lives through the ancient practice of Examen.

Elijah – study guide
The wilderness is demanding, and it demands that we surrender and rest in something bigger than us. Join us to explore how we can rest in God through Silent Retreat.

David – study guide
David felt stripped in the wilderness of all the promises of his calling to Kingship. His wilderness was actually his training ground where he needs to learn to wait. Join us to explore how we can learn to wait through Breath Prayer.

John the Baptist – study guide
John the Baptist got in trouble with the temple authorities because he declared that being a child of Abraham was not enough. His call to the wilderness was a call to dependence and to recognize our need for God to save us. Join us to explore how we can move deeper into our salvation through repentance.

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