Words of Gratitude

We want to hear your words of gratitude! As you look back at this year – yes, 2020, with all of its craziness, challenges, troubles, and, we hope, blessings and joys – what is something you thank God for this Thanksgiving? We are putting together a video for our Thanksgiving Eve service to share our words of gratitude.

We want to hear from you!
All you need to do is complete the sentence,
“This year, I am thankful for…”

Grab your phone and record your answers! Some things to know and remember:
  • All ages are welcome to share!
  • Film in landscape (not portrait).
  • Smile! 😀
  • Upload your video to Salem’s Dropbox folder HERE.
  • Submissions are due Wednesday, November 18.
If you have questions or need help with your recording, please respond to this email or call the Church Office and leave a message for Heather. Due to the number of submissions and timing, we may edit videos for this service. By submitting your video, you give us permission to use it during the Thanksgiving Eve service which will be livestreamed, and in promotional materials via the website or social media.
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