Partnering with parents in the spiritual nurture of their children.

We are excited to have you be a part of our children and family ministry at Salem! Our vision for Children and Family ministry is that Salem is a place where children and families are invited into a deeper love for God, His Word, and others, are equipped to grow as followers of Jesus Christ and are challenged to live out their personal faith through word and action. We are passionate about helping children grow in their faith and equipping their parents to be the spiritual nurturers of their children.

Through a partnership with parents, we desire to provide a nurturing environment where children are welcomed, loved, and safe and where they are challenged to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.

Connect: Invite children and families into a deeper love for God, His Word, and others.
Grow: Equip and disciple children and families to grow as followers of Jesus Christ.
Go: Challenge children and families to live their personal faith through word and action.

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Children and Family Ministry Contacts:

Hannah Jacobson 
Children and Family Director

Carolyn Trapskin
Children and Family Associate

Shannyn Stoffel
Preschool Director 

Amie Lorence Grubidge
Thrive Director 

Mary Jacobson 
Nursery Coordinator






At Salem Covenant Church, the safety and security of your children is extremely important. That’s why we’ve chosen KidCheck as our children’s check-in solution to bring you the best check-in experience. KidCheck allows us to partner with you to keep your children safe. It is a secure children’s check-in system that will enhance our security and simplify the check-in process. 

  1. Visit KidCheck or download the KidCheck app on an iOS or Android device.
  2. Select the link to create a free KidCheck account.
  3. Fill in the requested fields, and agree to the terms of use.

Adding Children and Guardians (If you are a volunteer/employee only, and have no kids to add, you may skip these steps.)

  1. Locate the “Kids” tab. Select the link to add a new child, and input your child’s information and upload photos. Select the save button when you are done.
  2. Locate the “Guardians” tab. This is where you will input additional guardians whom you would like to be able to pick up the children you’ve listed. Add their information and upload photos. Remember to click save when you are done.


Flourish Children’s Worship is meeting weekly on Sunday mornings. During the Contemporary Worship Service, children Preschool to Grade 2 are invited to a worship experience tailored just for them. How does this work? On your way into the service, please check in your children using the tablets outside the Contemporary Service. Children will be dismissed before the sermon to room 10-11 on the lower level. Following the service, students may be checked out at the bottom of the main stairs from room 10-11.

Rooted Sunday School will return on Kickoff Sunday, September 12

Students Age 2-Grade 5 are welcome to join us downstairs for classes from 10:10-10:50 a.m.
Preschool classes will meet in Rooms 5 and 6.
Students in Kindergarten-Grade 5 will begin together in rooms 10-11 and will transition to small groups following a large group lesson time. Check-in and check-out will take place at the bottom of the main stairs. Help us prepare to welcome your students by registering HERE.

Awana Clubs



Wednesdays, 6:45-8:00 p.m.

AWANA is an opportunity for students to come together to learn about the Word of God, connect with one another, and develop deeper relationships with Christ and their church family. Students are encouraged to memorize scripture each week, participate in small groups, games and engage in a large group lesson.

AWANA Clubs are divided into the following age groups: 
Cubbies: Ages 3-5 (students must be age 3 by September 1)
Sparks: Kindergarten-Grade 2
T&T: Grades 3-5

Register HERE.



MOPS (MOPS stands for Mothers Of Preschoolers)

MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers and is for every mom with children from birth through kindergarten. MomsNext, an extension of MOPS, exists to meet the needs of every mom with children in grades 1-12. MOPS and MomsNext groups provide an open, caring, and accepting atmosphere to grow and share your experiences with other women. No matter what your background or age, you will find support in MOPS and MomsNext as you try to be the best mom you can be! 

We are finding creative ways to connect mothers of littles this fall while we strive to remain safe. Even though this year looks sooo different than we all expected or desire, we have an amazing semester of fellowship (in-person or virtual) for our dear mamas! Please contact Ashley Tramm (ashleytramm@gmail.com) or Sarah Burt (sarah.k.burt@gmail.com) for more information. Our in-home table groups will be using content provided by MOPS International, which can only be accessed by registered members. To register, head over to mops.org/join and enter group code 9SDW to join the Salem group. Enter promo code EXPMIM21SEPT for $2 off your registration.

Email Heidi Anderson (Heidileeanderson@gmail.com) if you need to join a group! Email Sarah Burt (sarah.k.burt@gmail.com) if you want to join the virtual group!


Thrive Ministry




For more information, click HERE.

We feel so blessed to have Thrive Ministry at Salem Covenant Church. Our vision is to serve and empower individuals with unique needs and disabilities to deepen their love for God, His Word, and His people through intentional support while growing as Christ-followers. Through this ministry, we seek to increase accessibility to our programs and provide new opportunities for individuals to grow through cultivating a Christ-centered community—regardless of needs.

While our long-term vision is to reach individuals of all ages, our immediate service opportunities entail providing children access to Wednesday and Sunday programming through additional support and encouragement. Do you have a heart for serving children with unique needs? Opportunities exist for volunteering as little as one hour a month! If you are interested or would like more information, please email Amie Lorence Grubidge.

Salem Preschool

Welcome to Salem Preschool!

For more information, click HERE.

As a ministry of Salem Covenant Church, our goal is to Grow God’s Amazing Kids cognitively, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually so they can enter kindergarten with the skills, self-confidence, and love of learning that prepares them for a successful school career. 

We would love to have your child join us at Salem Preschool! All are welcome!




If you have any questions about Salem Preschool, email Preschool Director Shannyn Stoffel at sstoffel@salem-covenant.church.

For the Family

Children and Family Ministry is excited to host and partner with other ministries for our Salem Community Events. The goal of these events is to have people of all generations and family status, single, married, young children, and high school students, to come together, laugh, worship, play games, and meet new people. We can’t wait to see you there!

Bible Sunday
Each year in our Rooted Sunday School Program, we have a special celebration Sunday where we present all students in Grade 1 with their own Bible. We celebrate with a ceremony and refreshments. All students in Kindergarten–Grade 5 are invited to attend, as well as the families and friends of our students in Grade 1.

Finding the Manger
Come and experience the Christmas Story in a whole new way. As a family, you will journey through activity stations and visit the scene of Jesus’ birth, as we celebrate that Jesus has come.


Contact: Pastor Alice Johnson

Understanding that faithful, biblically rooted Christians have disagreed through the centuries about whether baptism should be offered to infants and children, or whether it should be reserved until after a person has made a personal profession of faith, we seek to be a community in which parents with differing views on this issue can worship together and support one another in raising their children in faith and love. Therefore, we offer both infant/child baptism and infant/child dedication.

What is infant/child dedication?

The dedication of a child is a service for parents who want the blessing of the Lord on their child more than anything else, but believe that baptism should be reserved for those who make a conscious choice of confessing faith in Jesus. In the service of dedication, the parents and congregation give thanks to God for the gift of a child and pray for God’s blessing upon the child, together committing themselves to nurturing the child in the love and grace of God, and promising with God’s help to raise the child to know Jesus Christ as Savior, be baptized in his name, and follow him as Lord.

What is infant/child baptism?

The baptism of a child is offered for parents who believe that the sacrament is a visible and outward sign of the invisible and spiritual grace of God naming and claiming a child as his beloved and drawing the child to himself long before the child can even begin to consider a confession of faith. The water sprinkled on the child signifies the washing away of sins, the life-giving gift of the Spirit, and the child’s consecration to God. Together, the parents and congregation commit themselves to nurturing the child in the love and grace of God, and promise with God’s help to raise the child to know Jesus Christ as Savior and follow him as Lord.

Inspiring and equipping all generations.