SCC-Care-MinistryAt Salem Covenant Church, our desire is to provide a caring community for our members, friends, and neighbors. You may call the church when you are aware of the needs of our community. We are not often called by hospitals when people are admitted. Please let the Church Office know when a family member or friend has been admitted to a local hospital. The Caring Ministry brochure can be found HERE

If you are homebound and would like pastoral care, please contact Pastor Dan

Pastor Dan Bergstrom
Congregational Care Pastor

In addition, we have the following caring ministries:

Caring Friends – A group of trained people who are available for a one on one caring relationship with anyone in need.

Caring Friends

How can I request visits by a Caring Friend volunteer?

  • Call Salem Covenant Church 651-633-9615 or email Pastor Dan yourself or a family member can call on your behalf

Caring Friends Ministry Volunteers:

  • Caring Friends are volunteers who commit to using their gifts and talents to serve homebound, sick, and troubled persons and assure them of God’s love and the church’s concern for them.
  • Caring Friends Ministry volunteers do what a friend would do for a friend. They reach out to the person who needs occasional help or long term support.
  • Their volunteer activity is structured and coordinated through the efforts of the Caring Friends Ministry coordinators.
  • Visit with individuals over the phone, through email, or in their homes.
  • Provide socialization and reduce isolation and loneliness.
  • Visit length and frequency are variable.
  • Email Pastor Dan for more information or how to become a Caring Friend.

How can we help?

If you would like spiritual support during your illness or hospitalization, please call the Church Office and request that a member of the Pastoral Staff  follow up with you.

Due to changes in the Federal laws, health institutions are prohibited from notifying faith communities without your written consent. It is often easier if you or your family notify us. This allows the pastors to come alongside you to offer prayer and support during a difficult time or rejoice with you and give thanks to God.

Also, please know that your privacy will be respected. Your pastors can visit and no one else needs to know.

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