Game Ready. Life Ready.

The Bible teaches us in 1 Timothy 4:8 that “physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” With this lens, Salem’s Game Ready. Life Ready. sports curriculum is designed to not only build a solid foundation of physical movement, sport understanding, and love for the game, but incorporates lessons from the Bible that shapes athletes’ character and faith as they live that out in sports and life.

Our three sport program—soccer, basketball, and T-ball—is designed for children in preschool (age 4) through first grade. Our curriculum developer and Sports Ministry Director, Shelli Streeper, has 14 years of professional youth coaching experience, owns a sports coaching and training business, served as the Director of Coaching for 10+ years in traveling soccer clubs, has coached all high school levels in various sports, was a former gym teacher and collegiate soccer player, and holds numerous coaching licenses and certifications including a National Youth Coaching License. Given her passion for incorporating faith and sports and for fostering a love for sports at an early age, she has found her niche in Salem’s Sports Ministry programs!

Shelli Streeper 
Outreach Director


Soccer has always been known as the “game for the players” because there are no time-outs or set plays, per se. It is a game that demands constant movement and decision making that must be owned individually by each player and collectively by the team. For these reasons, soccer is one of the best sports for a young person to play!

Our soccer sessions are designed to develop the individual skills of all players including their dribbling skills and confidence with the ball, passing abilities, shooting technique, and overall game understanding. Each session will progress from individual play, to small sided games, to final match play. Each player will receive a soccer jersey and participation award. We will have an end of the season Jamboree where players will be placed on teams and play a series of games.

The soccer season generally runs late September through October.



Basketball is a fun sport to play because it has relatively few rules, you can play it year round—both indoors and out—and it’s equally fun to play or practice individually or with a team. Early exposure to basketball will help improve player’s hand-eye coordination and develop their understanding of both offensive and defensive roles. This program is one of the few available that is equipped to teach young people through age-appropriate practice sessions and has shorter hoops designed for this age group.

Each basketball session will develop the individual skills of all players including their dribbling skills and ball-handling abilities, passing and team play, shooting technique, and overall game understanding. Each session will progress from individual play to a final game.

The basketball season runs January through February.

Movement Mondays

This preschool program is designed to teach children various ways to move their bodies and basic sports skills like throwing, catching, kicking, and dribbling (with feet and hands). These skills are great building blocks for future sport learning and a fun way to stay active!

Students meet from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., share a bag lunch meal together, and spend the afternoon being active. We typically run two or three Movement Monday programs throughout the school year.


If baseball is America’s favorite past time, you’d better start your young one out early playing a little T-ball! Given the complex structure of this game (force outs) and the precise skill and technique needed for getting players out, we use a gradual approach to learning how to play. We begin the season teaching kickball and the format of “pitcher’s hand” to get outs. As players understand these concepts we move into more of the traditional teaching and coaching of T-ball. This method has proven successful in overall game understanding in both gym classes and T-ball leagues. Parents are also asked to participate alongside their child so that throwing and catching is an effective learning experience and accelerates the skill development of each child.

Each T-ball session, players will learn how to properly throw, catch, and field, run bases, and bat. Each player will receive a jersey and participation award.

The t-ball season runs April through May.

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