Adult Sunday School

We are wrapping up a great class that Wayne Roosa is presenting entitled Exploring Sacred Space in Architecture, Painting, and Theology. This has been well received by attendees. Wayne has been leading us through the wonders of sacred spaces found in churches, cathedrals, and other structures from the Early Church through the present day.

Walter Sundberg is returning to teach Separating Church and State beginning October 25 and concluding on November 22. This class will challenge us as to how we should live in today’s ever increasing secularization of American society. From this class, we should come away with a renewed perspective as to how our faith must remain separate yet vital within today’s cultural environment. Walter has been a popular Salem Adult Sunday School teacher and we are thrilled that he has decided to become a member of our congregation.

On December 6 and 13, David Hawkinson will be leading us in Reading the Parables of Jesus. David will be bringing fresh perspectives to biblical parables. He will be using several parables to help us see powerful lessons for us that we can so easily miss because these stories have become very familiar to us.

Bob Clark will be leading us in a class that will musically look forward to Christmas. On December 20, we will have the opportunity to join with him in the Singing the Christmas Story; with a background of how we came to know these familiar songs and give us a chance to sing them.

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