After a Covid Break, Fika’s Return Welcomed by Hundreds

Salem’s Fika Celebration brought in approximately 550 guests to enjoy food, fellowship, and a musical performance.

Guests enjoyed a variety of opened faced sandwiches, including roast beef, egg salad, cucumber, and ham salad.

13 pounds of ham were used to make the Swedish fare!

Swedish treats, tea, and nine pounds of coffee were also enjoyed by the Fika crowd.

Many kids had fun making the St.Lucia craft and learning more about the Swedish Christmas celebration at the craft table. 

Thanks to All the Volunteers!

Around 56 volunteers came together to make the event a success, whether that meant they rolled up their sleeves to help in the kitchen, prepared food, or served beverages.

Seven youth also participated by serving punch.

Organizer Ellen Niznik called the return of Fika a blessing. 

“It was a pleasure to see so many people taking time out to just have conversation with each other over coffee, tea, and with awesome Swedish treats,” Niznik said. “As well as start the Advent Season looking forward with joy and expectation towards the birth of Christ.

Standing-room only for Concert

Others served by showcasing their musical talents to a packed Sanctuary.

The concert in between the two seatings featured Swedish Singers, the Salem String Band, and Children’s Swedish Singers.

Fiddlers also performed at the concert and while people were mingling.

We hope you enjoy the replay of the Fika Concert held on December 2nd. 

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