Christmas Light

Advent Sermon Series
Christmas Light

We love the bright colored lights of Christmas breaking up the extended darkness of winter. They point to the much greater Light revealed at Christmas that shatters a darkness far deeper and more crushing to the human spirit than a Minnesota winter. Join us this December as we look to the stories surrounding Jesus’ birth and reflect on the Christmas Light that can brighten our lives and our world.

November 29
Luke 1:67-80—The Light of Second Chances
As we step into the Light of Christmas, even those who blunder can gain penetrating insight into redemption.

December 6
Matthew 1:18-25—The Light in the Darkness
Long expected, yet always surprising, the Christmas Light shines with the truth of God’s faithful presence even when things look their worst.

December 13
Luke 1:26-38—The Light of Calling
Christmas reminds us that those who are vulnerable and seemingly unimportant can be channels of God’s grace and light to a hurting world.

December 20
Luke 1:39-45—The Light of Community
The transforming Light of Christmas becomes clearer and more evident when we risk honestly seeking its truth together.

December 24 Christmas Eve
Luke 2:1-20—The Light in the Margins
The Light of Christmas can look very different depending on where you sit; listen to those on the fringes who may well see significant things the rest of us miss.

December 27
Matthew 2:1-12—The Light of Strangers
Those who seem so different from us may well share the Light of Christmas, too, revealing God’s much greater purposes in a much bigger world.

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