Connected Families Parenting Class

Wednesdays, 6:50-8:00 p.m.
11-week class starting Wednesday, January 11

Parents’ positive intentions often land on their kids as control, or meddling, or condescension. The problem is not that parents don’t love their kids. The problem is that it’s tougher than ever for parents to love their kids in a way that their kids experience that love. Kids’ hearts become less inclined toward their parents, not more inclined. And through the power of media kids have more places to “run” to get validated for their angst than at any time in history. Reversing this dynamic starts by looking at our well-intended efforts on your kids’ behalf through their eyes. Join a community of Salem parents as we delve into the Connected Families video series and discussion to learn to incorporate discipline in a way that connects with our children’s hearts and discover God’s purposes for us – even amidst the messes of daily living! Class will meet for 11 sessions on Wednesday evenings at 6:50 beginning January 11. Attendance at all sessions is not required, but helpful. For more information, contact Heather Johnson.


Connected Families exists to bring uncommon grace and truth to those parents longing for more than simple answers and quick fixes. The basic idea is this: When parents make a primary goal of getting their children to behave right, parents and kids generally become adversaries. But when parents learn to focus first on helping their children grow into healthy, biblically-based belief about themselves and the world, these parents become allies with their kids and gain great influence in their lives. So we equip parents with a new primary goal, one that positions them as allies instead of adversaries. That goal: Bring the gospel of grace and truth to life for your kids.

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