Exciting Preschool Changes this Fall!


We are making some changes to our Tuesday and Thursday afternoon class to better serve our preschoolers and their families. In light of the fact that kindergarteners are now going to school all day, parents have expressed a concern that this is a big change for their children. Going from a two or three half day preschool program to the full-day kindergarten experience can be overwhelming for some children. Parents are looking for quality preschools that can offer enriched, extended days for their children to make the transition to kindergarten easier for them.

We have a solution for this concern.
Our current Tuesday/Thursday afternoon class will be expanded to include a supervised lunch with friends (bag lunch sent from home), followed by an afternoon class that will be enriched with guest specialists in the areas of music, art, movement, science, and more throughout the year. This class will not be a duplicate of the morning classes, but is meant to complement them with more in depth information, additional time to socialize and time to work on kindergarten readiness skills.

Registration will begin immediately.
You can register by emailing Director Pam Carlson (pam@salemcovpreschool). If your child is already registered in another class, no new paperwork will be necessary. To reserve a spot in the afternoon, we request the first month’s tuition of $140 be paid within a week of registration. A receipt for this payment will be mailed out and will serve as your confirmation of enrollment.

Tuition cost will be $140 per month. This includes the supervised lunch time and the additional cost of guest specialists

This afternoon class can be added to any of our present class offerings. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday class students would have a whole day experience on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Monday, Wednesday, Friday students would have five half day sessions.

We’re excited about this change and the opportunities it will bring. We hope you are, too!

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