July and August Sermon Series

Next week, we begin a new sermon series, Living in a Foreign Land. Being displaced is one of the stories of our decade in history. Mass movements of people because of war, famine, and disease have created ongoing stories of people living in exile far from home, but living in exile is more than just a physical state. Being a refugee can happen emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. It can happen when you haven’t moved, but commitments or your culture move, and you find yourself on the margins and no longer at home. Join us as we study the book of Daniel, looking at this refugee and how he not only survived in exile, but thrived.

July 10
Introducing Exile: Daniel 9:1-19, Jeremiah 22:1-9
Discover the truth about the Exile of Israel, and find your story in theirs.

July 17
Identity in Exile: Daniel 1
When you are a refugee, it’s hard to know who you are anymore. Watch as Daniel discovers his.

July 24
Influence in Exile: Daniel 2
Being a refugee is about so much more than survival. Learn as Daniel begins to thrive in exile.

July 31
Courage in Exile: Daniel 3
It’s easy to be afraid when you aren’t at home anymore. Watch as three refugees find the nerve to stay true to who they are and their calling.

August 7
Telling the Truth in Exile: Daniel 4
It’s easy to give in to half-truths, when you are in exile. Watch as Daniel reveals the truth is more important than ever.

August 14
Staying Available in Exile: Daniel 5
It’s easy to feel like you are left behind and ignored when you find yourself in exile. Daniel teaches us to stay open to surprise opportunities.

August 21
Helpless in Exile: Daniel 6
As a refugee, you are vulnerable. Being a victim is a choice as Daniel reveals.

August 28
Prayer in Exile: Daniel 10
Prayer in exile can be demanding and powerful. Learn from one of the great prayers how to pray in exile.

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