June Sermon Series


One of the unique parts of being human is that we have a capacity and even innate need to worship. Yet, there are many competing forces in our self-focused, consumer-oriented culture that undermine and misdirect this essential, life-giving act. Join us this June as we seek a clearer understanding of Christian worship and allow its life-transforming practices to change our lives and world. 

June 5
What is Worship?
Psalm 103
Worship is a powerful act that orders our lives and reveals God to a watching world. But worshiper beware; its power to transform is unparalleled.  Come regain a vision for worship.

June 12
The Worship War Worth Fighting
Isaiah 58
Those aiming to worship God too often miss by focusing their resolve on things that distract rather than encourage them toward their true objective. Our worship, which is an expression of our love for God, is most clearly expressed by our love for others. Join us as we draw near to the heart of God in worship and find ourselves transformed to reflect God’s heart to the world.

June 19
Worshiping the Living God
Psalm 100
Who and/or what we worship inevitably shapes our lives. Join us as we take an honest-to-God look at who and what we are placing on the throne of our lives and at the center of our worship. Your answer will make all the difference.

June 26
Worship that Awakens
Ephesians 5:8-20
There is a way to worship that destroys the idols of our lives that lull us into slumber and disconnect us from our life with God and others. Be stirred into that kind of worship.

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