MOPS (stands for Mothers of Preschoolers-Birth through Kindergarten)

MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers and is for every mom with children from birth through kindergarten. MomsNext, an extension of MOPS, exists to meet the needs of every mom with children in grades 1-12. MOPS and MomsNext groups provide an open, caring, and accepting atmosphere to grow and share your experiences with other women. No matter what your background or age, you will find support in MOPS and MomsNext as you try to be the best mom you can be! 

We are finding creative ways to connect mothers of littles this fall while we strive to remain safe. Even though this year looks sooo different than we all expected or desire, we have an amazing semester of fellowship (in-person or virtual) for our dear mamas! Please contact Ashley Tramm (ashleytramm@gmail.com) or Sarah Burt (sarah.k.burt@gmail.com) for more information. Our in-home table groups will be using content provided by MOPS International, which can only be accessed by registered members. To register, head over to mops.org/join and enter group code 9SDW to join the Salem group. Enter promo code EXPMIM21SEPT for $2 off your registration.

Email Heidi Anderson (Heidileeanderson@gmail.com) if you need to join a group! Email Sarah Burt (sarah.k.burt@gmail.com) if you want to join the virtual group!

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