Salem Takes Part in Free Medical and Dental Clinic

Even before the Compassion Clinic officially opened, guests were arriving.

“People are learning about the clinic, year after year, and now they know to get here early.  They are telling their friends,” say Shelli Streeper, Compassion Clinic Volunteer and Salem Youth and Young Adult Director.

It’s the third year the Compassion Clinic has been held in New Brighton.

223 neighbors were served at the free medical and dental clinic held at Highview Middle School.

The Compassion Clinic offered dental cleanings, extractions, and fillings.

“We’re humming along really, really well this year,” said Matthew Berg, DDS. “It warms the heart to do God’s work and honestly it feels like we are doing that.” 

Physical therapy, chiropractic care, foot care, and haircuts were also offered.

More than 70 percent of the Compassion Clinic guests do not have health insurance.

“Today we are having some people who are coming in who are actually having medical problems, so it’s kind of good that we were here to help figure some of that out,”  said Dr. Kim Swain de Pop. “We’re here seeing some people who have some chronic medical problems, but they didn’t even know that they had that like high blood pressure.”

Vision checks came with free eyeglasses if needed.

Eyes are also being opened to the needs in the community.

“You get the sense there is so much more to do. So I pray that that actually will be- that we will feel blessed, you know to make a difference and motivated to do more.  God help us,” said Pastor Mark Pattie.

“Serving for one day, was good and great.  But now their heart has been part of this situation. And they are wondering, what more is there?  How else can we serve needs?” said Streeper. 

Salem was among 5 churches that came together to serve. 

“I love the people that Jesus loved.  That’s why I want to volunteer.  I want to be around the people that Jesus was around.  He was around the people that didn’t have all that they needed and those are my people,” said Dr. Swain de Pop.

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