Small Groups

The Rhythms of Jesus

Submitted by Pastor Jonna Fantz

NEWS - Small GroupsAs the summer comes to a close and the structure and demands of fall schedules reassert themselves, it is time for us to decide what we will choose to be involved in this next season and what we will not be involved in. Our culture offers us a myriad of options that we could choose to give our time and energy to. There are new television series to watch; classes to take; new work out routines; subscriberships to orchestras, choirs, and theatres; work projects; and of course church. With dozens of good things to occupy our fall calendars, how do we choose what is best for us and our families? 

Jesus chose certain rhythms in his life that bore amazing fruit for him. Jesus did NOT choose to do all the good that there was to do. He settled on a few things that kept his life connected to God and to other people. There are a few that are obvious like prayer, worship with others, and studying the Scripture. Then there are some that we might not think about. I jokingly tell my husband that travel was critical to Jesus’ calling and life. And he kindly reminds me that stays in nice hotels were not. All joking aside, one of the rhythms that Jesus never let go of was gathering with a small group to process faith and life. No matter what happened or how bad that group was on any given meeting, Jesus never let go of the practice of committed time to a committed circle of people. Even on the night before he died, you find Jesus with his small group preparing for what was coming next.

I want to encourage you this fall to consider entering into THIS vital rhythm of Jesus. There will be several small groups that meet throughout the week on different days all gathering to pursue a deeper and more effective faith life. A brochure with all the group options will be published on September 13. Please take the time now to make space in your calendar and discover this powerful rhythm of community as your follow Jesus into all that he has for you this fall.

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