Stewardship Commitment Sunday is Coming Up!

Each spring, we set aside a Sunday to pause and reflect on our spiritual act of the giving of our finances to God through the ministry of Salem. Such giving is a very practical way through which we express our joy and trust in God, and our commitment to being a part of God’s work in the world. This year, we will be celebrating Stewardship Commitment Sunday on March 26. In preparation, we ask all who call Salem their church home to prayerfully seek God’s leading regarding their financial giving to God through Salem’s ministry. Then, on Stewardship Commitment Sunday there will be an opportunity to present your commitment to God as we receive the offering.

HERE is a link to a fillable commitment card for the 2023/2024 fiscal year which begins July 1. You can print it out and mail it to the Church Office, or email it to Financial Secretary Mark Anderson. On the back of the card are giving ‘steps’ indicating the different overall levels of giving by Salem’s members and friends last year. As you review these steps, we invite you to consider taking a step up in your giving next year. And, however God leads you, please join us on March 26 as we present our cards to God as an act of commitment to living as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in the coming year.

Our goal is to have 100% of our members return a commitment card this year. If you are unable to be with us on March 26, we ask you to place your card in the offering on a prior Sunday or mail it to Salem to the attention of our Financial Secretary. Please note that the amounts on the card will not be recorded nor seen by anyone at Salem other than our Financial Secretary. Only the total combined amount from the cards will be shared and given to the Finance and Leadership Teams to support budget planning for the next fiscal year. The amount of your personal commitment is an act between you and the Lord.

A time of celebration and thanksgiving will be held during the coffee hour between services on March 26. Please join us for a special time of fellowship and treats as we celebrate the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness at Salem.

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