Summer Adult Bible Study

Wednesdays, June 6 through August 1
6:30-8:00 p.m.

Salem will be studying the Minor Prophets through the summer in our sermon series and on Wednesday evenings. There is so much going on in each book, that Pastor Mark and Pastor Jonna will be leading a prayerful encounter each Wednesday evening centered on the prophetic book of the week. This study is intended to help you hear personally the voice of God through this prophet in a way that engages your head, your heart, and your hands. Don’t miss this chance for a deeper dive into the richness of God’s Word given uniquely to each of these men.

Each week, we’ll study the book for the following Sunday’s sermon.

Prophets to Israel—Before the Assyrian Annihilation (Late 700s BC) 
June 6: Amos—Full Wallets and Empty Souls
June 13: Jonah—He’s After Me
June 20: Hosea—When I Do Turns into I Don’t

Prophets to Judah—Before the Exile to Babylon (Late 600s BC)
June 27: Micah—Nothing Can Stop God’s Justice or Compassion
July 4: No Bible Study this week.
July 11: Habakkuk—Wrestling with Weighty Matters
July 18: Zephaniah—Looking to the Day of the Lord
July 25: Obadiah—The Bigger the Pride the Harder the Fall

Prophets to Judah—After the Exile & Return to Jerusalem (500s BC)
August 1: Joel—When Things Fall Apart

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