Summer Sermon Series: Shaped by the Psalms

For thousands of years, the Psalms have served as the prayers of God’s people, giving shape and inspiration to every other prayer, and profoundly shaping God’s people in the process. This still happens today whenever we connect deeply and authentically with God in prayer. We are changed when we are open and honest before God, and the Psalms invite us to present ourselves in just that way. No feeling or thought is off limits. No question or doubt is too difficult. No expression of praise is too over-the-top, no angry feeling or bitter sentiment too awful, no sin too dark to be confessed and forgiven. In lament, confession, praise, and thanksgiving, the Psalms provide pathways for us to come authentically before God and experience the healing, comforting, strengthening, transforming power of God as we do. Join us this summer as we take an in-depth look at a sampling of Psalms beautifully representing the wide variety found in the Book of Psalms. As we pray them, learn from them, and present ourselves to God through them, we will experience the gift of being Shaped by the Psalms.

Sunday Morning Worship Services will also be available via livestream at 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

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