Christmas Eve Service
On Christmas, we join people around the world rejoicing in the birth of Jesus Christ. As we recount the stories of his birth and sing the familiar carols, may the Spirit of Christ awaken us to welcome God’s great Gift of love into our lives. May the peace and joy of Christ be yours!

Of No Great Renown:
A Baby Born in Bethlehem
Luke 2:1-7
Rev. Mark Pattie

Advent Sermon Series
Of No Great Renown

Nobodies from nowhere always have God’s full attention and often serve as God’s special agents for his purposes in the world. Like most people, we can get caught up in thinking otherwise, but God delights in accomplishing great things through people the world would never expect. As we look toward Christmas, we will be exploring the stories of ordinary, everyday people who found themselves a part of something much greater than they or anyone around them imagined. Their stories have a lot to teach us about how we, too, whoever we are and wherever we come from, can experience the joy of participating in God’s wonderful, redemptive work in our world.

December 1 – Advent 1

  • Zechariah and Elizabeth from the Hill Country (Zechariah, Elizabeth) – Luke 1
  • Candle lighting: Isaiah 2:1-5
  • Other readings for the day: Romans 13:11-14; Matthew 24:36-44

December 8 – Advent 2

  • David and a Little Town Called Bethlehem – Isaiah 11:1-9; 1 Samuel 16; 2 Kings 7:16; Micah 5:2.
  • Candle lighting: Isaiah 11:1-10
  • Other readings for the day: Romans 15:4-13; Matthew 3:1-12

December 15 – Advent 3

  • John the Baptist out in the wilderness – Mathew 3:1-12; Matthew 11:2-11
  • Candle lighting: Isaiah 35:1-10
  • Other readings for the day: James 5:7-10; Matthew 11:2-11

December 22 – Advent 4

  • Mary, Joseph, and a Town Called Nazareth – Luke 1; Matthew 1
  • Candle lighting: Isaiah 7:10-16
  • Other readings for the day: Matthew 1:18-25; Romans 1:1-7

December 24 – Christmas Eve

  • Jesus and a Lowly Manger—
  • Candle lighting: Isaiah 9:2-7
  • Other readings for the day: Luke 2:1-20


CHRISTMAS EVE Of No Great Renown: A Baby Born in Bethlehem
Rev. Mark Pattie  |  Tuesday, December 24, 2019

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CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE “Of No Great Renown: A Baby Born in Bethlehem” Luke 2:1-7

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