Discussion and Listening Session Resources

The following links are additional resources for your review. The Discussion and Listening Sessions are a series of events arranged by Salem’s Striving to Better Love Our Neighbors Task Force. 

How to Read the Bible:

Rethinking Incarceration:

  • Sermon: Choosing Love in a Climate of Fear
    Exodus 1:6—2:10
    Rev. Dominique Gilliard
  • Book Discussion at Salem Covenant
    Rethinking Incarceration: Advocating for Justice That Restore
    In response to Dominique Gilliard’s presentation on Sunday, February 16, you are invited to dig deeper into the information presented in his book, explore a variety of perspectives surrounding the issue, and think about how the Holy Spirit is leading you and the Church forward. This book discussion and follow-up conversation was held in February and March. 
  • Ministry Opportunities (See Shelli Streeper)

    • Crossroads Prison Ministries 
      This mentorship program connects prisoners with mentors to review completed Bible studies and answer their questions. They share stories from their own lives and help their students see how God is speaking to them through His Word. In the process, both lives are transformed through studying God’s Word together.
      It’s as easy as:
      STEP 1: Crossroads sends a Bible study lesson to a student.
      STEP 2: The student completes the lesson and mails it back to Crossroads.
      STEP 3: Crossroads sends the next lesson to the student and forwards the student’s completed lesson to a volunteer mentor.
      STEP 4: As the student works on their next lesson, the mentor reviews the completed lesson and mails it back to the student along with an encouraging letter.
      Find out more at https://cpministries.org/mentorship-program.

    • Shakopee Women’s Prison 
      Salem member, Luanne Wysmann, volunteers through Prison Fellowship Academy at the Women’s Shakopee Prison. Here is the volunteer link and information.
      Prison Fellowship has spearheaded the nationwide effort to raise awareness about the barriers faced by returning citizens and unlock second chances for people with a criminal record.

  • Devotional Resources

    • Covenant Church Week of Prayer: https://covchurch.org/resources/week-of-prayer/
      In this 2020 Week of Prayer guide, incarcerated students from North Park Theological Seminary’s School of Restorative Arts program inspires us to freshly encounter and receive God’s grace. Under the over-arching theme of “Reconciling Grace,” we will pray together through the many dimensions of God’s grace including comforting grace, chastening grace, anointing grace, restorative grace, and beyond. Through these daily prayers, let us be reminded that we can never fully plumb the depths of the riches of God’s amazing grace!

    • I Surrender: A Collection of Devotionals Written by Prisoners
      Share these encouraging devotionals with prisoners you mentor. These short devotionals written by prisoners paint a picture of how each writer grew in Christ by studying God’s Word and surrendering to Him.

  • Topic resources

Human Sexuality:


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